How to prepare pasta with soy

Cook: 30 minutes Preparation: 20 minutes Suitable for: 2 people Soy protein Golden soybeans an onion A number Bell pepper A number Macaroni 400 g tomato paste Three tablespoons Mushrooms to the desired amount Steps of preparing pasta with soy First, let the soybeans soak in lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Then eat or grate […]

Soy hamburger recipe

Cook: 45 minutes Preparation: 30 minutes Suitable for: 4 people Golden Seed Soy 200 g an onion 1 Number Toasted flour 5 ounces Parsley 1 ounce egg 3 Number Curry 2 ounces of jam Soy hamburger is one of the methods of preparing hamburgers, but instead of red meat, soy is to be used, which […]