Cook: 40 minutes

Preparation: 40 minutes

Suitable for: 8 people

Golden Seed Soy

200 g


2 glasses

Cooked lentils

1 glass



an onion

3 Number

tomato paste

2 tbsp

First, I put green lentils in a pot and let them cook, then I strained them and put them aside. I had already soaked the rice with a little salt and water and put it aside.
I also poured soy water and set it aside,
First, I poured water and salt into a pot and put it on a gas flame, then when the water in the pot boiled, I added rice to it,
After cooking the rice, I strained it in a strainer, washed it with a little salt and let it pour its juice, then I add the green lentils that I cooked and the whole water out to the rice.
I mix the ingredients and set aside, chop the onions and then add a little oil in the pan and then the onions, add a little turmeric to make it more beautiful while frying, remove half of the onions after frying, the other half in an empty pan I poured it, and then I drained the soy and put it aside, I add it
I mix the ingredients with a spoon until it does not stick to the bottom and fry the onion and soy a little, then I added some mixed spices, turmeric, Omani lemon powder, and two tablespoons of tomato paste.
I mix the ingredients to mix, then I add half a glass of water, when it is cooked enough, I turn off the gas flame, but make sure there is no water at all.
I also cut the potato and then I added a little salt and turmeric and fried it in oil, I also fried the raisins in oil, then I put them aside.
In a saucepan, mix a little oil and water, and then fry a layer of rice and lentils in the next layer of soy, a little grilled apple, fried onion, the next layer of rice,
We continue in the same way until the ingredients are finished, put it on the gas flame, spread it under the flame pot and reduce the heat, and put the top of the pot on the stove until the lentils are steamed.
After brewing, taste a piece of rice with saffron to decorate the food, and after the meal, put it in the main dish and pour saffron rice and raisins on it.

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